Create a user defined dynamic point source


I am having a tough time implementing what I thought was a simple idea.
I would like to have a point source which properties (center, radius, number of points, etc.) are easily modifiable through a slider. This point source is then used for particleTracer.
I tried to go through a programmable source, and managed to create the equivalent of a point source, but the issue is that I can not use python librairies to display a slider (nor matplot.lib because it uses non-GUI backend error, or Tkinter because the library is not in paraview).

Any idea on how to proceed? Aditionnaly, I have another question. Is it possible to have a moving source point in time? When I change the position of the source, paraview recalculates the position of all particles, even the existing ones. Would it be possible to change the point and leave the existing particles?

Thank you!