Create and visualize streamline of velocity field

Hi everybody !
I have the follow object :

  • a 3d cube velocity magnitude and velocity vector field (*.vtr format)
  • a 3d polydata (*.vtk) set of point (representing polymer smaller than one cell of the previous cube)

I would like to create the stream line of velocity around the polymer , which is the correct procedure to compute it ??

this is my situations : (I used a very large sphere to represent the polydata (respect to the polymer))!

I would have a small subset in which I see the streamline of velocity field surrounding polymer

Did you try the stream tracer ?

Yes I tried ! but if I select the vtr imported object the stream tracer is not available as filter !
this is th reason why I’m asking for the correct procedure … if for example I create a probe locator from the main object then the stream tracer is clickable (available) but I would like to use the filter “stream tracer from custom area” in order to create stream tracer from the centre of poly_data representing the polymer ! May you help me about ?

The following should work:

  • Open Both of your files
  • Click on the 3d velocity cube
  • Add a “Stream Tracer with Custom Source” Filter
  • In the input dialog, select your polydata as the “Source”
  • Configure the Stream Tracer according to your needs, Apply