Create / Convert PCAP file

Good morning,
I would like to experiment with using LidarView to process data taken with the HERON LITE Color laser scanner manufactured by Gexcel (, which is equipped with a Velodyne Puck LITE sensor.
Nevertheless the files I get are not .pcap files but the following ones:

  • OdometerLiveTrajectory.trj
  • sensorsReturnedParameters-2022-07-20-
  • VelodyneRaw-ID3232235977-2022-07-20-
  • xSensRaw-2022-07-20-

Could someone help me understand if it is possible to use these file types to display and process data in LidarView?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Giulio,

The HERON LITE is a custom assembly by Gexcel, and most probably you want and need to use their software “HERON Desktop” to open all the files together :
Their software include SLAM, Colorisation and more, already tuned to their custom assembly.

You may want or need to open the raw data, especially if you have a custom application in mind.
In that case, the “.hdlraw” file might just be a renamed .pcap file, but that is hard to tell without looking at it, you will probably need the help of experts.

Feel free to contact us at Perception4D and send us a data extract. Perception4D is the company we created after I personnaly led VeloView developments and created LidarView and its SLAM few years back.
We are dedicated in custom software for capturing, analyzing or showing 3D+time data.

Bastien Jacquet
Computer Vision Expert @ Perception4D

Hi Bastien,
thank you for your reply.

Yes, I usually use Gexcel’s dedicated software to process data, but I would like to try experimenting with new applications…

I tried renaming the .hdlraw file to .pcap but I get the following errors in LidarView:

ERROR: In C:\S\4817\LVCore\LidarPlugin\Plugin\LidarCore\IO\Lidar\Common\vtkLidarReader.cxx, line 322
vtkLidarReader (000002193FCC9680): Failed to open packet file: C:\Users\giuli\OneDrive\Desktop\VelodyneRaw-ID3232235977-2022-07-20-!
bad dump file format

ERROR: In C:\S\4817\LVCore\LidarPlugin\Plugin\LidarCore\IO\Lidar\Common\vtkLidarReader.cxx, line 75
vtkLidarReader (000002193FCC9680): Could not open the pcap file

If you have the time, and the willingness, to better analyse the data generated by the laser scanner you can download it from the following link:

Thanks again for your time,

Hello Giulio,

Wetransfer link is expired.
Pcap file used by Veloview software for Velodyne lidars is Wireshark pcap files.
You can use Wireshark for recording raw traffic and initial analysis.