Create Multiblock assemblies automatically when reading EnSight format file

Hello Paraview,
I have an EnSight format model that contains multiple parts. The Paraview reader creates a vtkMultiBlockDataSet:

I want to group parts into assemblies, which can be done with the Extract Block filter and then Group Datasets filter. To give:

Can this two step process be simplified by creating a file (xml ?, JSON ?) that instructs to read the EnSight *.case file and then organize the parts into assemblies?

The Information panel for the GroupDatasets shows the structure for such a file, except the part that reads the EnSight file. I tried fudging a *.vtm file, but unsurprisingly the EnSight case file wasn’t recognized (it expected *.vtu, vtp …)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Root type="vtkDataAssembly" version="1.0" id="0" vtk_category="hierarchy" label="vtkMultiBlockDataSet" cid="0" vtk_type="13">
  <dataset id="0" />
  <assembly1 id="1" label="assembly1" cid="1" vtk_type="13">
    <dataset id="1" />
    <fixedShape id="2" label="fixedShape" cid="2">
      <dataset id="2" />
    <fixedShape1 id="3" label="fixedShape1" cid="3">
      <dataset id="3" />
    <fixedShape2 id="4" label="fixedShape2" cid="4">
      <dataset id="4" />
    <fixedShape3 id="5" label="fixedShape3" cid="5">
      <dataset id="5" />
  <assembly2 id="6" label="assembly2" cid="6" vtk_type="13">
    <dataset id="6" />
    <prismatic1 id="7" label="prismatic1" cid="7">
      <dataset id="7" />
    <prismatic id="8" label="prismatic" cid="8">
      <dataset id="8" />
    <spring id="9" label="spring" cid="9">
      <dataset id="9" />
    <spring1 id="10" label="spring1" cid="10">
      <dataset id="10" />

Thanks, Bob