Create "Topic-related conversation Rooms"?

Dear PV developers.

A little, humble proposal to add a feature to a web-page, which is already working very well and is very well structured (congrats for that).

I was thinking it could be maybe useful creating separate, dedicated “Topic-related conversation rooms” for each single macro-topic PV is currently being used for? For instance: CFD, medicine, scientific climate data, etc. By so doing, not only subgroups of user could start aggregating and sharing domain-specific tips&tricks, but also organize topic-related internal meetings for demonstrations (e.g. to tackle and solve specific technical problems), which might be too tedious putting down on text (in my case it would be a VERY long post).

Specifically, for my case, I would be happy to see a scientific climate-data conversation room. In that respect, I am wondering how many people here use (or are trying to use) PV to visualize WRF-model data, as that is something I have been working on lately. The native, model-generated output data are unfit to be visualized 1:1 in PV, as they need to be regridded and their vertical topology needs to be restored (“terrain-following” coordinates). I could manage solving this and I can now visualize WRF data in PV, exploiting all its power.

Assuming this topic is of some interest to some of us here, I would be more than happy to share what I have achieved so far (python scripts to regrid), and Programmable Filters to reconstruct the vertical coordinate, so to make it (again) terrain-following, and thus avoiding nonphysical data/terrain compenetrations.

Thank you for considering this.

Hi @_Marco ,

Thanks for your suggestion !

I’ve looked at the current organisation and I agree that something is lacking, but I wonder if adding that many categories would make sense.

Adding a single “ParaView Showroom” would ba a first step in order to have a place for people to share their own workflow, success and renders with ParaView.

Wdyt @cory.quammen ?