Create Unsteady Dataset from Steady Dataset for Particle Tracer .pvd-data


I have a question related to the following webinar:

Starting at 45:15 it shows how to create an unsteady dataset from a steady dataset.
Unfortunately the .vtu format is not supported anymore or? Also, you can’t use the vtu/vtk format with multiple cores with Paraview-MPI, or am I wrong here?

Anyway, my question is if it would also be possible to add multiple pvd files equivalent to the video one after the other? Simply swapping the file extensions results in an error for me, unfortunately. I have attached a screenshot of the file and the error.

A second question would be if someone can recommend a file format for large files for particle tracking regarding speed.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Hi @alkali ,

Your file is incorrect, you want to create a .series file with this kind of formalism: