Create VTU extension file animation

Hello Paraview team.

I am trying to create an animation from a *.vtu file of FLAC results.

As far as I know, my *.vtu file contains all the time history data.

When this data is loaded into paraview, only the last result is shown and no animation is created.

I’m thinking about what the cause is, and I’m writing here.

Do you guys know the reason for this?

How do you write this .vtu file ? Could you share it ?


The attached file is a *.vtu file I made.

Thank you for your confirmation.

Best regards.

practice.vtu (7.98 KB)

Your data contains indeed a single timestep. Why do you expect it to contains multiple timesteps ?

Thanks for the answer

As a result of my research again, I now know that I have to select them by time step.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.