Creating 3D model from separate 2D vtk files

Hello everyone,
sorry to disturb you i am new in paraview, my problem is i want to make a 3D model from seperate 2D vtk model and then calculate volum isosurface in 3D model for resource estimation. I already search in google but i didn’t found the answer, Thankyou

can you share your files ?

f009_res.vtk (869.3 KB) f0010_res.vtk (578.1 KB) f0013_res.vtk (974.2 KB) f0014_res.vtk (637.7 KB) f0017_res.vtk (974.6 KB) f0018_res.vtk (915.0 KB)

the line layout is

do you know the solution sir?

Doesn’t seem an easy task. I would suggest changing how you generate the data.

If you can’t you will need to use Transform, RessampleWithImageFilter and AppendDataSet.