Creating 3D VTK and VTU


I have the following geometric data, and I need to create a VTK file.
nlay, ncol, nrow, delr, delc, top(layered), bot(layered)

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Hi @ABAM ,

I’m afraid you need to provide more information about what you are trying to achieve.


Hi @mwestphal,

I have the following data, and I need to create VTk and VTU file based on the given data in the attached file
geometry data.txt (6.0 KB)



The following is the definition of each abbreviation in the file.

nlay: is the number of layers
nrow: is the number of rows
ncol: is the number of columns
delr: is the column spacing in the row direction.
delc: is the row spacing in the column direction.
top: is the top elevation for each cell in the top model layer.
botm: is the bottom elevation for each cell.

This looks like a custom data format, the simplest would be to read it using a programmable source. You can find such an example here:

Of course, you will need to adapt that to you file and needs.