Creating a mesh editing plugin for paraview ?


I intend to create a mesh editing plugin for ParaView that will allow users to perform interactive editing of mesh objects in real-time. The goal is to avoid the need to transport the vtk/msh mesh from one software to another and also to implement new editing algorithms.

I have seen some old ParaView forums where some people were trying to do this, and some answered that it could be complicated since vtk has a pipeline that only allows users to visualize the mesh and not edit it. Therefore, I would like to know if anyone has any information, tips, advice, or ideas that could help me make this possible.


What kind of editing algorithms are you referring to?

And do you plan to implement them yourself or use a library like CGAL?

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We created recently a plugin based on CGAL:

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I was thinking about using CGAL or openMesh, the plugin i want to implement will have to be lightweight and will be used to edit vascular network surface mesh and it’s centerline. The idea is to perform editing on both at the same time.

I will take a look at it and let you know if that suits our needs.