Creating continuous movies with small number of frames

Hello everyone!

I am new to Paraview. I have installed Paraview 5.10.1 in Windows 11.

I need to generate a smooth movie out of pvd and vtu files. The pvd file has 2000 timesteps. I want to generate the movie using 150 frames with stride length 1. But Paraview is generating a jerky movie instead of a smooth seamless one. Is there any way I can generate a smooth seamless movie using 150 frames and stride length 1?

Hi @Avishek and welcome !

You should add a TemporalInterpolator filter.


Hi @mwestphal ,

I did try with the TemporalInterpolator filter but the problem persisted. Then I figured another way out without using TemporalInterpolator filter.

If the total time step is 2000, set the number of frames to 250 and then while saving, save it with frame rate 20 to generate a continuous and smooth video of 14.5 seconds.

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