Creating custom Paraview Reader

Hello, I’m trying to create a custom Paraview Reader for netCFD files with 6 dimensions. The dimensions contain informations such as time, x/y - coordinates, velocity components (u,v,w) …

I’m completly new in C++ Programming. Is there any step by step instruction, how to programm a paraview reader? Or which files i have to create?

I only found these two pages which doesn’t helped me unfortunately…


Thanks for any help in advance !

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in the ParaView source, Examples/Plugin contains many example, including readers.

Thank you for the answer.
I found the Example/ Plugin folder but when I look for example at the “MyPNGReader”, I could only find “CMakeLists.txt”, “paraview.plugin” and “readers.txt”. I coudn’t find the C++ file(s) ?? where actually is defined how the data from the file (in this case .png) is further processed. Somehow I guess, I have to tell Paraview how my data from the netCFD file should be interpreted.

Take a look into the readers.xml file. It refers to a vtkPNGReader which is present in VTK.

You could use your own vtk class here to read your data. Take a look into ElevationFilters plugin to figure out how to build your own vtk class in a plugin.