Creating Cylinders with different layers

Hello everyone,

as my research within the existing conversations wasn’t too successful, I am trying it this way to find a solution for my issue. I would consider myself as new Paraview user using ParaView 5.9.0. I am not familiar with python.
My goal is to visualise cylinders with different layers as I wish to visualize borehole logs:
An example for a cylinder with a length of 3 meters would be
0-1 meter: sand
1-2 meters: gravel
2-3 meters: silt

I have got the coordinates and heights for each cylinder (and layer) within an Excel-sheet and would like to visualize these in ParaView like mentioned above. As we wish to import a lot of cylinders like this, a manual solution is not really practicable.
Is there a way to import point data and visualize it as cylinders with different layers or is there another way to work with the given point data so it looks like a cylinder in ParaView?

I am looking forward to any reply or hint which helps me to solve my issue.
Thanks in advance!