Creating individual screenshots of a set of files (sequential job)

Using a custom-built ParaView 5.7.0.

Have a set of 100 vtk files describing a temporal sequence. I would like to create a screenshot (png file) for each file, according to the specifications of a state file.

Proceeding manually is not an option, of course.
I am looking for suggestions on how I could automate this with a script. At this stage of learning I am interested in sequential processing and no client/server arrangement.

My first preference would be to use a GNU Bash command line. Obviously perhaps, the simpler the better. Crucially I would really use the specifications of the state file, for they are already pretty refined and fit an established layout.

I use a custom build, so please mention which options I should enable at compilation.

Shortcut directions to chapters to read most welcome.

Just open your files as a time series:

As guide for future readers. The creation of multiple screenshots is disguised as an animation.

  • Go to File in menu bar.

  • Go to Save Animation in drop-down menu:

    • It opens the dialogue window “Save Animation”

    • Select, in the “Files of type” input box, an image format of choice (bmp, jpeg, jpg, png)

      • It opens one more dialogue window “Save Animation Options”
      • Select output details and launch task.
      • You will see the progress window of an animation while the images are created.
        Interruption will not abort the whole task, unlike solid proper animations.

Easy as pie. Thanks to @mwestphal for the tip above.