Creating multiblock structured grid nodes in Catalyst Adapter

I am attempting to implement Catalyst into a parallel, multiblock, structured grid solver (written in F90). I am beginning with the Catalyst-v5.6.1-Base-Enable-Python-Essentials-Extras.tar.gz package (which built just fine).

I am looking for some guidance as to the best way to implement the node values x,y,z (each being a 3D array from the Fortran solver) into the points of the vtkStructuredGrid

My current understanding is that it should look something like

create vtkMultiBlockDataset
set all blocks to null
***create an array from (x,y,z) ***
create vtkPoints from array
create vtkStructuredGrid from vtkPoints
set current block to vtkStructuredGrid
SetGrid of CoProcessorData() as vtkMultiBlockDataSet

Where I am struggling is how to create the appropriate array from (x,y,z) given what ships with the Catalyst Python Essentials Extras package I am starting with.

I may be totally wrong about my workflow in which case I am all ears. But this is what I could parse together.



The only way I found to do this was to flatten the arrays in fortran, then iterate over them in the CxxAdapter to set them to a vtkPointsArray