Creating paths for particles from Acutrace/HyperWorks CFD (Particle Tracing)

Hello, I used build-in particle tracing w HyperWorks CFD from which I got ensight file It gives me position of predefined particles at every time step and now I would like to see the paths of each particles to validate how the flow in domain is looking like. I guess it supposed be easy but I am strugling with it. Can anyone help me ?

Hi @Bkubera

You are problably looking for ParticlePathToPathLines filter

Hello, I was able to create something with the TemporalParticleToPathlines. It is looking fine as long as the particle did not touch the wall. Based on the lagrangian approach particles are terminated while having contact with wall. For those particle that hit the wall the pathline is not ending but does something strange and it is jumping around the whole domain. Do you maybe know how to avoid that ? Pictures as the reference.

@mwestphal update to my previous reply. I did an investigation and it is not the case of terminated particles becasue even though all the particles have a reflecting behaviour when having contact with walls the pathlines are still getting crazy at some point. What can be the reason for that ? It seems like some particles are jumping in the domain, changing their IDs and then the path is strange too.

There is no such behavior of reflecting on surface. The particles are only following the vectors.