Creating pvtu files from MPAS-A

Hi, I am trying to develop in-situ visualization of MPAS-Atmosphere using ParaView Catalyst, but I am struggling with the Adaptor portion of the project. I am wondering if someone can send me the Python script that is referenced by Andy Bauer in this email chain ( that “outputs the full data set that the adaptor provides.”

I think that viewing this file will answer my next question, but I will ask anyway. Would it be possible to somehow use the MPASNetCDFReader or the vtkMPASReader as the adaptor to convert nc files to pvtu files for Catalyst? Thanks for your help.


If you are looking for python script catalyst example, you can find some in ParaView.

The scripts are available at Depending on how your adaptor is set up with how many “inputs” will decide which one to use.