CropWidget Connections

I was checking the code flow but I am confused in this part how the src/vtk/cropwidge t folder is connecting the src/components/tools/croptool folder I have checked the flow but I am unable to find the connection between these two folders

  1. how src/vtk/CropWidget is connect to src/components/tools/CropTool

  2. The code implemented inside src/vtk/CropWidget files behavior.js & index.js is different compared to the vtk.js github files.

(Context: Kitware Glance)

  1. The cropProxy (glance/script.js at master · Kitware/glance · GitHub) is a proxy wrapper object that holds a reference to the crop widget. This proxy wrapper is defined declaratively here: glance/proxy.js at master · Kitware/glance · GitHub

  2. The CropWidget files inside src/vtk extend the one from vtk.js. Other than the minor tweaks, the two are the same.