Cryptic error from hell: the same data is output by filter, but RenderView is not the same!!!

Hello dear Paraview developers!

I have faced an indeed, horrible, very cryptic error: I have my filter in two revisions which outputs some field data, but the SpreadSheetView1 is different.

The data is indeed similar, I have checked it multuple times with debugger and debug outputs. It is also proven with Paraview SpreadSheetView1.

But the SpreadSheetView shows completely different data: (though the full data range is similar)

The only difference between two revisions is the difference in input widgets.

What could be the reason for such behaviour?

I really need help here

Thank u!

Hi Mike!
That sounds really confusing and frustrating. It is not something that sounds like a known ParaView issue.

Can you provide sample data? And because this seems to be a confusion about setting up the SpreadSheet, please provide either:

  • steps to reproduce the pipeline/views you are looking at, both correct and incorrect
  • a state file that shows your issue (File … Save State)

If you can’t provide your data, can you provide some test/generated data that shows the issue?