Crystal Eyes mode in server and client

I have some questions about stereo mode of Paraview 5.7.
I build Paraview 5.7 with MPI 10.1.2, VR plugin, and I test Paraview in client/server mode for stereo display. I use one master node as server, and three render nodes as client. I start server in master using “Crystal Eyes” mode, and then connect three render nodes. However, the “Crystal Eyes” mode just work in master node, and doesn’t work in render nodes.
The command like this:

> mpiexec -hosts 3 renderleft rendermiddle renderright
> paraview --stereo --stereo-type="Crystal Eyes"

Is there some command to control “Server Stereo type”?


What is your GPU ?

In order to make it work, you need to pass the crystal eyes args to the server as well.

pvserver --stereo --stereo-type="Crystal Eyes"

@utkarsh.ayachit : FYI

The GPU is NVIDIA Quadro K4200. The Crystal Eyes mode works in localhost.
Now, when I use “mpiexec -hosts 1 renderleft …”, it works, however, when I use “mpiexec -hosts 2 renderleft rendermiddle” it doesn’t work. Is there variable need to be set in cmake. Here is the mpi variable I use, can you help me to check these.

Just to confirm, you’re running in plain-old client-server mode i.e. not in tile-display mode or CAVE mode. Is that correct? In that case, the stereo results are expected to only be shown on the client i.e. the Qt application. Are you saying that the client does not show stereo correctly when connected to a parallel server, but works correctly when connected to a single-rank pvserver?

Thanks. Finally, it works when I use pvserver --stereo --stereo-type=“Crystal Eyes”. The server and client can show stereo very well.

Thanks for your reply. And I have other question, can I adjust stereo type in the Paraview application (I mean in the GUI panel) without pass –stereo parameter in command line? I read your another proposal post active stereo and paraview, and which version I can use this function?

This is currently not possible. The command line argument is necessary.