Crystal Eyes support for pv5.9

Does this release support Crystal Eyes in CAVE environemnt? or I need build pv by myself?

Yes it does.

I test PV5.9 on windows10 without using mpi. and I get the message about visRTX as below

client Crystal Eyes, and server no Crystal Eyes.
Do I need the visRTX environment?

Do I need the visRTX environment?


Does it work in builtin ? without pvserver.

Yes. It works for builtin using

paraview --stereo --stereo-type="Crystal Eyes"

and P6000 driver version

and the configuration as below:

FYI @utkarsh.ayachit @LfxPaul

We have observed the same behavior with 5.9.0.

@lyz : Can you try with 5.7.0 ?

pv5.7 works well for both standalone and mpi(client and server mode) in CAVE.

Thanks for your feedback

Send me message if the bug is fixed. Thank you!