CSV and Volume Rendering

Hello Everyone

Great to meet you.

I just started with Paraview.

I have to render the mass data to volume. I have a .csv file of the mass data. How to do that?

I understand my question can be vague as I said I am starting I don’t know how to ask good questions.

I would appreciate your response.

please share the csv file as well as the volume file.

I am sharing the CSV headers

Point ID | D | M | Points | Points_Magnitude
0 |6.46e-10| 6.46e-10 | -1.5 , -1.5, -1.5 (x,y,z). | 2.598080

I need to render Mass as a volume (and I don’t have any volume csv I believe)

I would appreciate your help

  • Open your file
  • Filters → TableToPoints
  • Filters → RessampleToImage

Thanks !! I really appreciate it.
I will do that.

Does after resampling to image do I need to use Filter Table to Structure and then render it as a volume to get my answer?

no, just render as a volume.

TableTOStructuredGrid could also work, hard to say without your data.


  • I opened my CSV File and chose X, Y, Z as axis
  • Clicked Apply
  • Chose Filter → Table to Points
  • Chose Filter → Resample to Image

Now how to apply Volume?

Select volume instead of outline or surface.

Sure thank you I have also shared the csv file.

Thank you for you kind response and help.

I also need to use thresholding on the Mass value (M) I used the Thresholding filter but I didn’t saw any change in the Visualization. I am pretty much confused → after changing to Table to Points → I used thresholding all colored in “M”. I don’t know how whether my approach is wrong or right.

Can you suggest something. I would really appreciate it.

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