CSV writer in paraview choose start and end times

I don’t see an option to select the start and end time for csv writer in paraview GUI. Is there a way I could do this using ‘pvpython’ or python script using the ‘SaveData’ function? My attempts to add ‘Firsttimestep’, ‘Lasttimestep’ arguments to the writer ends up with an ‘Attribute does not exist error’.

I could make a loop over timesteps and call writer at each time step but I feel this would be slower than the inherent writer and I’m dealing with a large dataset (decomposed case in openfoam). A sample case to reproduce is attached below (decomposed case, open- dummy.foam, file–> save data–> choose csv).

Note: The actual case I use it for is not to save large datasets in .csv but resample a large dataset to a set of points to probe at specific locations and then save them to .csv files.

There are two ways to output .csv data in ParaView. One gives you the option to output time, the other doesn’t. You can show your data in the spreadsheet view, then click the icon that says Export Spreadsheet. No option to save time data. Alternatively, File/ Save Data, then .csv. This allows you to save .csv data over all timesteps. To specifically answer your question, you need to select the timesteps you want to output. Use the Filter “Extract Time Steps” for this step.