Cumulative time step geometry


I am trying to visualize some results with geometries in each time step.

The data I import has geometry files separate for the time steps, however I want the geometries to display cumulatively eg. when viewing time step 5, the geometries from steps 1-4 remain visible. Is this possible with an existing filter?


GroupTimeSteps should do the trick

Thanks for the reply Mathieu,

GroupTimeSteps only allows me to group all the time steps and view them as a single object,

I have 41 steps in this case and want to be able to move between them showing just steps previous to the one I have selected.

GroupTimeSteps create a multiblock datastructure that lets you hide/show any block correspoonding to your timesteps.

Use the View/MultiBlockInspector for that.

Thanks! wondered if I was missing something there…

An alternate option to the multiblock inspector is to use the Extract Time Steps filter before the Group Time Steps filter. The multiblock inspector option that @mwestphal gave is certainly the easier approach, but Extract Time Steps can be automated. It’s a little tricky, but if you wanted to, for example, animate a group of 4 time steps over the time range, you could animate the Extract Time Steps options with the Animation View.

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