Cup-mixing temperature (Average temperature over volume and velocity)

Dear Topicmembers,

I am working on a flow problem where I like to collect the Cup-mixing temperature of a slice and a clip.
This cup-mixing temperature is the average temperature of a slice or clip over the volume of the particles and velocity as can be seen in this formula:


where U_x is the the magnitude of the velocity, V is the volume of the element and T the Temperature.

How can I collect this from paraview for a slide and clip ?


Does your dataset contains the velocity, the volume et and temperature ?

Yes my database contains the velicity and temperature and It is build out of mesh were I know the position of the nodes. Ik is a database formed by OpenFOAM.

Then you should give it a go using the programmable filter to implement the computation in Python.

You may need to use MeshQuality to compute the volume of the cells first.