Custom axis

Hi, I am new to paraview and I have the following issue: I am using MATLAB to calculate magnetic flux density around an object in space where (0,0,0) is the origin of the object. When i bring the data into Paraview, it plots well, however I would like to change axis (not just scale them) to be from -8 to 8, how can I do it?
I am showing what I mean on the figure below:

Also, while we are at it, is there a way to scale the volume scalars from 0 to 100 to other value range?

Many thanks!

I do not see such option in the axis config, so one would have to scale it with the Transforming display property.

Concerning scalars, you can either change the transfer function through the colormap editor or apply a Python Calculator to change the value. Something like

100 * Scalars / max(Scalars)