Custom filter to copy/paste repetive pipeline operation


I am using the information from this link ( to generate a custom filter for a pipeline section containing a Y-normal slice, a clip filter and glyph - let’s call this Pipeline A. The input for this pipeline is the result of two sets of calculator filters which provide the necessary data. I need to createPipeline A for additional Y-normal slices, without going through the manual steps of creating slice, clip and glyph filters. Wouldn’t it be intutively wonderful if I could just copy/paste?

But, it seems I can’t based on my limited review of the on-line exchanges. However, I was under the impression that by creating a custom filter out of Pipeline A, I could then insert it in the main piepeline and take it from there. However, when I do this using the steps described in the link above, I do not see the inner structure of the pipeline so that I can go in and change, for example, the Y-norm slice location, etc… There’s no “plus” sign which I can expand to access, for example, the slice filter. All I see is a standalone icon for the newly-created custom filter.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help.


You need to exposes the properties you want to be able to access during the custom filter creation.

Thank you for your response.
Is there a link to a worked example which clearly exemplifies what you are referring to?

Step 5.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll tray again


As per the attached example, I am trying to ‘automate’ with the custom filter, the operations being performed there. You will see the Pipeline consists of the input data at the top (LES_pimpleFoam_…), and the activated elements listed as Y=73mm (slice) and three Probe icons whch represent spherical geometric shapes defined at specific locations.

I want to create, for example, a slice at a different Y plane with corresponding Probe icons defined at the new Y-slice too. I am having considerable trouble using the example from this link ( to determine what information is required in order to achieve the objective. The objective is to simply have the portion of the piepleline which is shown acitivated in the attached example to be reproduced without additional manual operations, and once that is available, all I need to do is update the plane and sphere locations.

Thank you for your help.

Example.tif (1.7 MB)