custom legend

Is it possible to create custom legend in Paraview, like this one attached for Lawson wind comfort criteria?


I fear you cannot setup several columns for the color legend.

What you can do:

  • have a discrete color legend and use custom text for each color
  • display a table in the view, but without the colors


Hi Nicolas, thanks for your quick reply.

yes, that looks good - how do you create legend like that?

If your data only contains a small number of discrete values (in my examples, data is an integer with only 5 differents values used), use the “interpret values as categories” and fill the “Annotation” column

More options with the Edit Color legend properties from the top right corner button.

The table is just a “Text” source

thats perfect - thanks very much

Actually it doesnt seem to work for me right now - I just get the Nan colour on my surface.
Have you got a working example - or perhaps I could send you my slice of data to look at?

yeah - Ive set it up as suggested (I think) but the surface stays grey which is the NaN colour.
I dont know why the colourmap is not being applied to the surface - any ideas (please)?


Well, if surface is colored with NaN color, I would suspect that your data contains NaN …

The standard way to color object following a color map:

  • select the array to use for coloration
  • then edit the color map

A lot of doc here.

Also, which version of ParaView are you using ? Your editor looks like it is an old version.

I was able to do a demo surface plane, and plot the x-coordinate on that with categories and it seemed to work ok. So I will have to go back and check the original data.