Custom plugin properties panel.


I refer to the Examples/Plugins/PropertyWidgets example, I customized a plugin, I found that the property panel can be customized, but after the Apply button is triggered, the other public parts of the property panel are displayed.

Question: Can the plugin’s properties panel be fully customizable? (if the public part is not displayed)

Thank you!

These are the properties for the views and the representation. If you want to hide them, you can either :

  • Click on the blue minus to fold it or

  • Fully hide it by :

    • Edit -> Settings -> Search “Properties” -> Properties Panel Mode -> Separate panels
    • Restart ParaView
    • View -> uncheck View and Display

Thank you very much for your help, thank you!

According to your method, the public properties of the property panel can be hidden; but after this setting, the public properties of all objects are hidden. If only for a certain type of object, you need to hide its public properties; other types of objects , need to display public properties, is there a way to do it?

Please specify which properties you want to hide and which properties you want to keep visible.

What do you mean? I did not understand? For example, if you have a type of object, you don’t need to display “color” and “Opacity”. What should you do?

If you want to hide specific properties, like in your case, the edit color or the opacity property, you need to create a XML plugin that will override the visibilities of the properties.

This is doable but not easy if you never heard of XML only plugins.