Custom Reader Plugin

I developed a reader plugin for lammps/liggghts dump files years ago. I reworked it for the new PV 5.8.1 module structure as shown in the doxygen documentation [1] and it works as expected with the self-compiled ParaView code. When it is loaded into the binary releases for Win (ParaView 5.8.1-Windows-Python3.7-msvc2015-64bit) it complains about undefinied reference to CollectRevisions@vtkObjectBase in reader_module.dll.
I used MSVC Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3, QT5.12.3 and Python 3.8.6 to compile PV from source and pointed CMAKE to the PVB dir when generating the reader plugin.
Sourcecode and CMake-Files can be found here:

I guess I’m missing something in the linking stage.
Thanks for your help,
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Build a plugin for the release of ParaView is not trivial, even on Windows. You will need to use the superbuild, the same options and the same compilation chain to ensure compatibility.

make sure that your local ParaView was build using the following variable VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE=ON.

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Thank you Michal,
this did the trick.