customize the paraview web visualizer

Hello ,
Is it possible to customize the visualizer browser view for example removing header/nav bar, change the tools location left to right or resizing it. something like this.
I tried pulling the visualizer github repository and just trying to update the header name or removing it in the src\MainView.js#163. and build with npm run build / npm run build:release commands
and copy paste into \share\paraview-5.4\web\visualizer\www directory and then launch the launcher.bat then hit the http://paraview/?data=can.ex2 but the changes won’t be reflected.

I appreciate the help !

Thank you.

It should work assuming you are serving the code you newly transpiled.

Thanks for the replay jourdain,
I used newly build code still not working.
will you please send me the exact procedure / steps to do modification or customization of visualizer document if available and if not will you please wrote it for me this will help me lot.

thanks in advance.