Cut plane not shown in VR

I have a 3d scalar field in XDMF file format (from a fenics simulation from a colleague). If I cut the volume in desktop version (clip filter), I can see the values in the cut plane. However, if I cut the volume in virtual reality (crop plane or interactive crop tool) this is not the case, I then see only the hollow volume. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I am using the ‘surface’ representation, because choosing the ‘volume’ representation killed my computer when visualising it in VR.
I am using an Oculus Rift S with the openVR Plugin in Paraview version 5.8.1, Windows 10.
If there is any information missing I’ll be happy to provide it.
Thank you in advance!

Yes, the crop/cut as a filter processes the 3D volume and produces a new smaller 3D volume giving you the scalar values on the cut boundary. In VR that is typically too slow to be interactive so we use a rendering based crop. What that means is that the original data is rendered but any pixels that would cross the cut plane do not get drawn. For a volume (rendered as its shell) this means the shell gets cut open. It is very very fast but definitely a different technique more suited to cutting/cropping polygonal data than volumetric data.

Many thanks for your answer!
Best, Benny