CxxNonOverlappingAMRExample not recognized as time series


I am running examples from paraview-5.6 (master, 0fa7f742a05f3f).
/build/Examples/Catalyst/CxxNonOverlappingAMRExample runs fine, but when slice_…vtm group is opened in Paraview:

  1. it is not recognized as a time series; and
  2. only level 1 mesh is shown.

CxxOverlappingAMRExample is also not recognized as a time series, but opening the slice group shows all levels.

What do I miss here?

I just added a gridwriter to the original of the CxxNonOverlappingAMRExample (see below). The grid group is recognized as a time series by Paraview, but I get warnings “Requesting time 1 but only 0 is available”. Is this a bug in the CxxNonOverlappingAMRExample and in the CxxOverlappingAMRExample tests? What modifications should I have in order to get the slice group and the fullgrid groups recognized as time series?


gridWriter = servermanager.writers.XMLHierarchicalBoxDataWriter(Input=filename_4_vthb)
coprocessor.RegisterWriter(gridWriter, filename=‘fullgrid_%t.vtm’, freq=10)

1: ( 1.130s) [pvbatch ] WARN| vtkPVTrivialProducer (0x5334e20): Requesting time 1 but only 0 is available
1: ( 1.198s) [pvbatch ] WARN| vtkPVTrivialProducer (0x5334e20): Requesting time 2 but only 0 is available
1: …