Dashboards need some attention

Hi folks, the ParaView dashboard for the master branch is a little rough.


All developers please take a look at the dashboard and see if any of your recent changes may have caused new failures and plan to fix them. If you are taking on a particular test, please respond with which test(s) you are fixing.

Bumping VTK should take care of *.SelectReader, *.Plot3DReader, and pvcs.GenericIOReadWrite. I’ll do that.

@mwestphal can you designate someone to fix the [ColorOpacityEditorRangeHandles](https://open.cdash.org/testDetails.php?test=894670015&build=6596010) test on dres? It has been failing for a long time.

@Joachim_Pouderoux mind taking a look at pv.NetCDFTimeAnnotationFilter?

Sure. Will check if I can reproduce.

@mwestphal is the designated one ;p

Issue comes from a bug introduced when applying a compound filter made of 2 filters.
To reproduce:

  • create a Wavelet
  • create a Programmable Filter - default settings
  • create a Python annotation Filter - default settings
  • select both filter and create a Custom Filter from them - default settings
    => error is printed
    Try to apply the new custom filter on the wavelet => error is printed.

Any idea of what changed recently on this mechanism?


Tested with 5.8.0: no error.

Turns out I forgot to push this branch. MR incoming.