Data array multi-component labelling question: Is it possible to remove 'Magnitude' in labelling?

Is it possible to remove ‘Magnitude’ in labelling?
I’ve created a reader(python plugin) and tried to present some data in certain arrays. However, the data stored in different components are irrelative(For example, for the array ‘Stress’, ‘Mises’ and ‘Tresca’ are presented seperately in two components). In this case, the label ‘Magnitude’ seems to be meaningless and easily to confuse the users.
I’ve known the way to rename the label :Labels in multi-column VTK objects - #4 by mwestphal, and I would like to know the way to remove ‘Magnitude’ in my python plugin…

Best Wish!

Hi @Wenjie_LU

Sadly not, but this may be implemented this year.


Thx anyway! :wink:

I have the same issue, I have some data saved in a vtu file, I am able to rename the component labels, but I would like to remove this automatically generated magnitude label.

@mwestphal let us know if something is moving in that direction.

Hi @florian360

This is now available in master and in the nightlies. There is a setting to disable magnitude computation for certain number of components.