Data extraction form vtk file

Dear Expert,
I load the VTK or vtu file total time of 5 sec (time step is 0.1s) and I want to create a single dataset file that includes X coordinate, Y coordinate, Time, and other variables which is defined in the VTK file.
is it possible to create this type of data set in the preview, if yes then please let me know the steps what should I follow.

Hi @Chhotelal

PlotDataOverTime should do the trick

No i just want to extract the data at every cell and whole domain at ever sec ( average value). That include x, y, z coordinate with variable abt each cell. This is possible in paraview?

Did you try ?

Please share your data.

yes, I tried it but the coordinated data point is extracted separately from the variable data. also, their total value does not match (Corrdintated pint 6230) and the data variables point is 6000.
Please check the data attached herewith. (1.4 MB)

Here it is:

state.pvsm (76.4 KB)

Thank you for your help.
state.pvsm file is not readable, error is coming. could you tell me which reader should I have to select for this file?


File -> LoadState

But you may want to read the ParaView tutorial first to learn a bit more.

I followed the same step File → LoadState even I checked in the paraview tutorial but not getting the solution, could you please tell me which reader will work to open that file?

Thank you for your help, Now, I understand these things.

could you please send this video again because i want to load the PVSM file but it is not open and error is coming.

@mwestphal Thank you for your support. Still, I am trying, the recent file is open but the few old files are not opening. what is the reason for it?

I have no idea, please try for yourself and share error message and screenshots.