Data NOT present in all pieces (unstructured grid) is not shown.

I have an unstructured grid with multiple pieces. A cell data (“damage” for example) exists for few of these pieces but not for others. Now, Paraview won’t show it in the list of data viewable (only the data common to all pieces are shown).
What I want is the geometry of the other pieces missing the data to be shown with some default color (maybe gray). Any way I can do that?

I am writing the .vtu file myself from an Abaqus .odb file.

please share your file

A fairly minimal example. It has 3 pieces and the data requested was “SDEG” (“Damage”), which exists only for one of the pieces . The data shows up if I have that single piece only.
3Cy_Step-7_Frame200.vtu (3.4 MB)


Edit: Ignore the few weird cells. They are to be filtered out down the pipeline.

Afaik. a .vtu file cannot contains multiples pieces. Maybe you want to save to a multiblock format or to a pvtu format ?

Oh! The .vtu format with multiple pieces did work sometimes. It gave default value to pieces missing the particular data. Maybe, it was a chance thing. I would like to workaround this issue, retaining the .vtu format if possible.

If not, can you guide me towards a multiblock format example. Basically, my geometry consists of different parts with different datasets attached to them (some present in all, others not)


Just use the “group dataset” in ParaView to create a multiblock and save the results.

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To get the example you mean. Will do that.

In the meantime I will try to figure out under what conditions the .vtu format works as well.