Data Visualization and output

Hello everyone, hope everyone is well. I have to do a certain operation in ParaView. So, I have some output parameters in my exodus file, named a1, a2, a3, a4, etc. These parameters are defined for each element in the mesh. I want to compare these parametric values for all the elements in the block and see the maximum value wrt time. e.g. at time-step 10, for an element 1, I have parameters a1, a2, a3 as 10, 22, 16 respectively and for element 2, I have a1, a2, a3 as 15, 11, 27 and so on. And I want to visualize the result as: Element 1 at time-step 10 should show 22, and element 2 shows 27. (Maximum value of the compared parameters.)
Thanks in advance.


Using the Python Calculator filter and writing something like np.maximum.reduce([a1,a2,a3]) in Expression may work.