Dealing with a multi-column text file

Dear colleagues

I have a text file with several columns representing (x,y,z) positions and corresponding values of Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) measurements. I would like to visualize in 3D the spatial distribution of these values.

The way the (x,y,z) coordinates is organized derives from a simple loop:
count = 1;
step = 2;
imin = 40; imax = 309;
jmin = 30; jmax = 70;
kmin = 40; kmax = 220;
for(i=imin; i<imax; i=i+step){
for(j=jmin; j<jmax; j=j+step){
for(k=kmin; k<kmax; k=k+step){
write(count + “\t” + i+ “\t” + j+ “\t” + k);
count = count+1;

Then, for each (x,y,z) there are several associated measurements (u,v,w). I would like to plot u and/or v and/or w in 3D according to the (x,y,z) points.

I was able to read the txt file in Paraview and found a tip to use the Table to Points filter. I then tried several types of plots, but could not get a good graphical representation.

Any hints? Thank you!