Decompose polyhedra and OpenFOAM


I recently upgraded to v5.12.0 (using Windows 10) and noticed that when I use the “Decompose polyhedra” to load my OpenFOAM cases, that I get a warning that the feature is highly deprecated and will be removed in the future. My cases are often a mixture of polyhedrals and hexahedrals and here I often get a better visualization of the data when the case is loaded is polyhedra. Furthermore, I often cannot use the “Plot over line” filter when loading the case as default. I would therefore like to know whether this feature will be removed permanently or the OpenFOAM reader is going to be improved in future releases?

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OpenFOAM added the possibility to decompose polyhedra internally.

Alternativaly, use the “Tetrahedralize” filter after reding your file.

We would ideally like to remove the additional polyhedral handling, but it will still probably take quite a while (ie, don’t worry about it for now).