Default Expected a ')' while reading binaryBlock, found on line 20 an error

Hi everyone

I am working wit ParaView in order to analyse the result af a simulation in Open Foam by using Ubuntu 18.10. The simulation was done with HPC ( High Performance Computer, basically a super computer). I would like to post-process them by using Para View in a virtual machine. When I run para View, the terminal give me the error underlying.

Someone suggested me that it can be the different architecture between HPC and my vistual machine. However, I am pretty sure that I’ve installed OpenFoam with 64 bit that is it the same of HPC.
Have someone a tip in order to solve that problem?

I/O : uncollated

Expected a ‘)’ while reading binaryBlock, found on line 20 an error

file: /home/daniele/OpenFOAM/daniele-6/run/plunging/plungingFine/constant/polyMesh/faces at line 20.

From function Foam::Istream& Foam::Istream::readEnd(const char*)
in file db/IOstreams/IOstreams/Istream.C at line 109.

FOAM exiting

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Can you can share a small-ish dataset that exhibits this same problem? That’s the most helpful thing for debugging.

Dear Cory

Thanks to replying me. I upload system, constant, 0, 0.1 directory. The mesh is pretty fine so the simulation size is large.
Further, the same error occur even if I run “foamToTVK”.

P.S. I attach a we transfer link because I had some issues to upload directly the files

This looks like an issue on the OpenFOAM side of things… Something not right in the file. Especially, if it is also happening in foamToVTK which uses a completely different code path.


I think I solved a problem. I ran Para view by using “-builtin” option. In this way I can select the correct Label_Size before to apply the job


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