Default Settings for 3D Glyph View?


I have .vtp files which I always want to visualize a specific way. I.e. using 3d glyphs and changing some options such as:

  1. Enable no scaling
  2. Use 2d glyph → vertex

I work very interactively, and it is extremely annoying to do this 10 times in 5 minutes. Any way to enable defaults here?

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Hi @AhmedSalih3d ,

Just use the “default settings” mechanism:


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Hello, sorry it does not work.

I set the properties as I wish, then I click all of these three:


Then I delete the file I loaded in, and load it in again, but the settings are not saved.

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Hi @AhmedSalih3d

no idea what you mean.


Oh sorry, I meant that I clicked the three “save icons / floppy disks”

But it did not save my settings for the general 3D glyph filter, which is what I want…

Kind regards

Works perfectly here, with ParaView 5.10.1 on linux.