I wonder if PARAVIEW_RELOCATABLE_INSTALL should default to OFF. Typically, when one builds ParaView and installs it for building plugins etc., it just seems that the default behavior should be that ParaView finds all its dependencies automatically.

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@ben.boeckel, do you have any reason why we shouldn’t do this?

We’ll need to communicate that this flag should be turned off to Linux and other package systems (vcpkg, Anaconda, etc.).

I am confused. This flag is currently ON. I am saying, we should make it OFF by default. Isn’t that what you’re saying all Linux and other package systems should do anyways?

No, they should have it ON because they don’t want hard-coded build machine paths in the packages they make.

As far as I can tell, PARAVIEW_RELOCATABLE_INSTALL only affects the CMake files. Thus, will only impact SDKs povided. Do any of the systems you indicate provide a ParaView SDK?

Yep, it only affects SDKs and all of those (Linux, vcpkg, Anaconda) provide SDKs.

for ParaView? I do not know of anything providing an SDK for ParaView. Am I mistaken?

vcpkg definitely installs the SDK (IIRC, they patch it up for thins that they do). Linux provides paraview-devel and paraview-dev packages. I don’t imagine Anaconda doesn’t install headers.

Ok, in that case we let this flag stay unchanged for now.