Delaunay3D ("large" point cloud)


I have a point cloud with millions of points in it and the points have scalars/vectors associated with them. Since I can’t do a whole lot of post-processing on a point cloud, I tried using Delaunay3D filter to enforce a topology on the point cloud so I can begin bringing power of ParaView to bear on it. Unfortunately, I am having trouble because it takes hours on my not-too-bad of a workstation (not good enough for this job, clearly) only to see a poor end result at the end. This is slowing down the iteration to find the right set of parameters and converge on a nice topology that seems to match well with the underlying point cloud using the famous eye ball error norm.

So, is Delaunay3D the only option for me? Or, are there are any alternatives? Am I better off trying to create a topology outside of ParaView and (somehow) bring it into ParaView and associate the cells with the results in the point cloud? If that is a possibility, how might one go about it?

Hope that made sense!



I looked at relevant conversations from the past but I felt like I had a slightly different set of questions.

GaussianRessampling or RessampleToImage should do the trick here.