Delaunay3D on big data causes client/server crash

Dear Support,

i have been using Paraview without problems to render data up to ~2million points. Data comes has 4 columns of CSV, i use first the Table to Points and then Delaunay3D and then typically IsoVolume and Contour. No problems using both versions 5.2 (linux cluster) and 5.6 (OSX).

When i try the same procedure with a dataset of ~8million points (~600Mb of data) however…i can get the Table to Points (though slowed down and with slight freeze when setting the Transformation->Scale), i can even rotate the viewing camera angle but then after pressing Apply to apply the Delaunay3D filter the GUI gets frozen, i do not see the progress bar of the filter at the bottom of the GUI as usual and then get massive instances of this error on the Terminal

ERROR: In /home/buildslave/dashboards/buildbot/paraview-pvbinsdash-linux-shared-release_opengl2_qt4_superbuild/source-paraview/VTK/Common/System/vtkSocket.cxx, line 572

The GUI does not crash in Linux (but does so in OSX, corei7 machine with 12Gb RAM) but all the 16 pvserver processes that were running are killed. So, effectively my session is lost and it is useless to continue.

This only happens with the “massive dataset”. I tried to find if there are options for Memory allocation to the client/server for Paraview but to no avail. The front-end node where i run has however 192Gb so memory should not be an issue…

Thank you for your support.

Looks like a bug in the Delaunay3D filter with massive dataset.