Denoiser for OptiX pathtracer not working

I have an issue where the denoiser option doesn’t do anything when I’m using the OptiX pathtracer. Turning it on doesn’t seem to change anything and leaves all the noise in the image, no matter how many rays per pixel I use (I’ve tried up to 300). The OSPRay pathtracer’s denoiser works perfectly fine. I’ve tried it on two different computers, one with a Quadro P1000 GPU and one with an RTX 2080. Is this a bug?

Optix do not use the denoiser, the checkbox should be disabled.

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It coudld be interesting to use the denoiser with Optix though, although a bit slow since we have to do some GPU-CPU memory transfer.

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…and OptiX comes with its own GPU-based denoiser, which is just not exposed through ParaView.


Good point @steve_r ! Do you think that it would be easy to do ? That sounds like an easy quality of life improvements.

Need to check here at NVIDIA what it would take. A lot has changed since OptiX got introduced into ParaView. I have some doubts that this would be a simple addition but rather ending up in a major overhaul.

More details: actually, the OptiX denoiser is supported in the current version of ParaView when using OptiX ray-tracing. However, the required libraries from the OptiX 6.0 SDK are not pre-bundled with Kitware’s binary builds of PV. It is possible to download the OptiX 6.0 SDK from the NVIDIA developer site, when accepting its legal terms and conditions. The missing libraries (.dll’s on Windows) can then be copied to the PV installation to enable the GPU-based denoiser.

Let me add, that this feature has been implemented years back on a now-outdated version of OptiX and legacy graphics drivers available at the time. Just in case someone wants to try it anyway.

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Thanks for the very usefull informations @steve_r !

I think an issue on pv superbuild to fix this should be opened. wdyt @timothee.chabat ?

I’m not sure if it’s really worh it considering that …

but yeah, maybe it’s worth opening it anyway just to track this kind of usefull informations

Already considered here:

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