Density plots appear black and buggy instead of displaying colors

I am trying to visualize a .vtk file produced with PyVista (python wrapper of vtk).

I opened the attached .vtk file in paraview v5.9.1, which I am running on Windows 10.
EC.vtk (3.0 MB)

The file is just an unstructured grid with data associated with each local node of the mesh. The data written in the file is a scalar field (one value per local node).

When loaded in paraview, the data does not appear correctly. Instead of seeing the expected density plot, I see some buggy black and white image:

Strange thing is, if I zoom out enough, then I can see the correct colors:

The problem is I have to zoom so far out that I am not seeing anything anymore.

Does anybody have any idea of what could cause this display issue ?


I think the problem is that the model size is too small (on the order of 1e-09). The graphics system handles the values by converting them to single precision, which may be causing the drawing failure.

In the

Properties tab > Transforming > Scale

enter 1000 in each direction, and you will see an improvement.

Hmm, ParaView should be doing this scaling automatically. @martink thoughts on why the Coordinate Shift Scale Method wouldn’t work to scale up tiny point coordinate values?

It could also be an issue with the normal computation. A quick fix may be if your data lacks normals to run it through “Generate Surface Normals”