Derive values for multiple cases simultaneously

I’ve got several cases open i Paraview of flow around a cylinder, but with different initial velocities in each case. I’m trying to calculate the drag on the cylinders. I know how to do it for one case, but how do I do it for all cases simultaneously such that I get all their drags in one single table?

Welcome to ParaView, @papercace.

This might be tricky to do completely within the ParaView GUI. Instead, you may want to use Python scripting to do it. ParaView can record your actions in a Python “trace”, producing a script you can then edit to run your analysis in a loop over datasets. To create a Python trace, choose the Tools -> Start Trace menu item. Do the actions that compute the drag on one cylinder. When you are done, choose Tools -> End Trace. You’ll see the Python code needed to rerun the analysis you just performed. From that, you can grab the drag value, and then store it in a table that you can write to, say, a CSV file.

Hope that helps.