Descriptive Statistics for extracting data

Dear all,

Until now in my python scripts I always used Descriptive Statistics to get data from each cell in a specific clip, however I was wondering if there is a less convoluted way to get all the data from a cell into an array?
I usually do the following and it works but I think I am doing it more complicated than it should be:

regionData = DescriptiveStatistics(registrationName='DescriptiveStatistics1', Input=clip, ModelInput=None)
merged = MergeBlocks(registrationName='MergeBlocks1', Input=OutputPort(regionData,1))
data =  dsa.WrapDataObject(servermanager.Fetch(merged))
result = np.array(data.PointData[mode])

Actually I think that the Descriptive Statistics filter is not needed as we can fetch directly the clip