Details about Implemented Interpolation methods in Paraview

Dear Paraview and Kitware support,

I am using Paraview 5.7.0. I use uniform rectilinear .vti grid data points for post-processing. I am trying to understand the implemented interpolation methods in paraview.

  1. What is the interpolation method used, when data points are mapped as a surface? How many neighboring points are considered for each mapped points?

  2. I presume when creating contours from 3D point dataset, same interpolation and mapping method is used. Is this true?

  3. For creating streamlines, velocity field is being used with “Interpolator with Point Locator”. Can you please explain how this velocity is interpolated at a point, and how many neighboring data points are considered?

  4. Similarly for interpolating the scalar data at a point location, does paraview use same interpolation method and same number of neighboring ponts?

If possible, can you please provide some documentation where implemented interpolation methods are explained in details?

Thank you very much

Sincere Regards,
Taraprasad Bhowmick

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